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A side by side look at Obama and Romney

I like Romney, a lot.  I think he is a great candidate, and I was thrilled to vote for him.  Four years ago I voted for McCain because I didn’t want Obama to win.  But this time, I was excited!  The biggest reason I am excited about Romney is because I think he is a good person.

There are two men running for President of the United States.  Romney has a lot of negative press just as a person.  Out of touch.  Doesn’t care about women.  Removed from individuals.  Money grubbing, rich, heartless business man.  Are any of these things true?  

Let’s look at some examples.


As a youth, one of the men running for president once pushed a little black girl and yelled at her until she ran away crying.  This is undisputed; he wrote first hand about the experience in his book.

The other man running for president (also as a young man) once saw two women being attacked on the street in front of his apartment.  He ran outside so quickly to protect them that he didn’t even bother putting on shoes.  It was snowing.  And he was beat up for his efforts.


Which of these men has a deeper respect for women?


One of the men running for president received a request for help.  He denied that request.  As a result, four Americans died.

The other man running for president once shut down his company and urged all of his employees to spend two days looking for a missing teenage girl.


Which of these men cares more about individual people?


One of the candidates for president donated about 2% of his income to charity for most of his life, until he started running for president, then it jumped to around 10%.

The other candidate has always donated around 30% of his income to charity.  Except for the years when he gave all of his income to charity.


Which of these men has consistently cared more about helping those around him?


One of the men running for president has used well over $1,000,000 of your money sending his family on European and African vacations.

The other man running for president inherited money from his parents, and donated every cent to charity.  He then went on to earn a lot of money, and eventually had so much that he decided to stop taking an income.  As governor, as a high level Bain employee, as the Director of the Olympics, and has promised he will as President.


Which of these men cares more about keeping as much of your money as possible in your pockets?


One of these men has not released any stories about personal experiences serving individuals.  

One of these men hasn’t touted his past service, but has dozens of examples come from others who have personally seen him help people pack and move, help people with their yard work, wake up in the middle of the night to talk to an alcoholic who came to him for help, delivering Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve, personally on the scene working with people to serve them.


Which of these men is more in touch with the American people?


One of these men issued executive orders to make sure things happened the way he wanted them to, even when he couldn’t get the laws passed.

The other man running for president supports traditional marriage, but as governor of a state where gay marriage was legal he passed laws to make it easier for gay couples to get marriage licenses, as well as working for equality in housing and employment.


Which of these men can we depend on to uphold, follow and respect the laws, even laws with which he doesn’t agree?


Both of these men have created jobs in China.  One of them did it completely by choice, using your tax dollars, in order to build windmills.  

The other man did it to save a business on the brink of bankruptcy, which would have resulted in every single American job being lost as well.


I know which one I prefer.


One of our candidates said that babies that are born alive (living, breathing, separated from their mother babies) should not be given the same protection as ‘living humans’.

The other candidate thinks that living, breathing babies should be given a chance to live.


Which of these candidates has more respect for all Americans?


One of our candidates has never had a private sector job.

One of these men knows what makes an enterprise profitable.  He knows what makes jobs.  He knows under what conditions companies hire new employees.  He knows what laws in this country make hiring in this country harder than it would be overseas.  He knows what regulations in this country are making businesses less profitable than they could be.


Which of these men can we trust to know how to truly fix our economy?


Romney is a man who really cares about individuals.  He is not running for president to enrich himself; he is running for president because he sees people suffering and he wants an opportunity to makes things better.  He knows how to make things better.  He knows how to run things more efficiently.  He knows how to cut waste.  The idea that he doesn’t care about people is based on nothing; the fact is that he does care about people and he does know what makes jobs, so as president he will do those things that will help more Americans to get back to work.