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Perspectives on Abortion – Abortion (Part 2)

All arguments for abortion fail when we recognize that a fetus is a baby. That’s why liberals fight so hard to keep the discussion away from matters of life, and try to confuse the masses with talk of ’women’s rights’, the dangers of back-alley abortions, and other irrelevant topics. If a fetus is a living child, all those arguments are irrelevant. My background in Biochemistry (the study of living things on a molecular level) and my more recent research show that babies in the fetus stage fall under every definition of ’living’. Pro-abortionists want you to think that whether or not the baby is alive is irrelevant; the woman’s choice should be the most important factor. Read the rest of this entry


Is a fetus alive and legal entanglements – Abortion (Part 1)

In the 27 months of my life I have spent pregnant, no one ever called my baby a ’fetus’. When I went to my doctor they asked, ’How’s the baby doing?’ OB/GYNs have lots of experience with pregnant women and babies, and I imagine if anyone knows, they know what a baby is. So why on Earth would they call a fetus a baby if it’s not a baby?!   Obviously, because aborting a baby sounds worse than aborting a fetus.  If a fetus is a living, biological entity, then all other arguments for abortion are completely irrelevant.  You can’t kill a living human.  Period.  So, the focus of all discussion on abortion should be, is a fetus alive? Read the rest of this entry