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Proof of what we say about welfare

UPDATE:  Apparently the link I had posted here to Bill Maher and Alexandra Pelosi’s discussion on welfare recipients is invalid.  I don’t know how long this has been going on.  I am having trouble finding the video now.  For those of you who did not have the opportunity to see it, Alexandra Pelosi went to a welfare office across the street from her New York apartment and interviewed people in line waiting to get checks.  She had small clips of some of them doing push-ups and eating large stacks of Pringles.  She asked them questions like, “Are you planning on going to to the employment office (also in that building),” and “Who are you going to vote for?  Why?”  “Do you want a job?”  “Why are you here?”  Their answers were, “No,”  “Obama, because he’s black.”  “I don’t want a job.  I wouldn’t mind having a career.”   and “I’m here to get my Obama bucks.”

I’m not surprised the media has made this video difficult to find.


Original post:

Usually when people are against welfare they are accused of racism.  I imagine that is because many welfare recipients are black.  No one ever seems to consider the possibility that we’re opposed to welfare because it is a drain, it does nothing to encourage recipients to become self sufficient, it results in the next generation being more likely to also utilize welfare, it establishes an entitlement mentality and it rids people of the motivation to work hard and improve their situation.  White people aren’t allowed to make observations about welfare, so I’m putting up this video because the welfare recipients (which include one white woman) are speaking for themselves.  I don’t have to guess at their motivations or what they are thinking.  I won’t ever say that every single person on welfare holds this mentality.  However, the fact that anyone collecting checks coming from your bank account can think this way strongly indicates that the system is broken and needs reform.  If you’re not voting for welfare reform, your voting for another, larger generation of people who believe they deserve your money by virtue of being criminals, or black, or having children, or simply not wanting to work.