Monthly Archives: April 2012

Leaving the Liberal Utopia

I grew up in Indiana, went to college in Utah, currently live in Chicago while my husband finishes law school, and will soon be moving to Texas. I am really excited. I’ve talked about the various problems we have run into in Chicago, the required tests and ridiculous taxes, and all the hoops we had to jump through to keep a shotgun in our house. (Just once I would like a liberal to explain to me why the constitutional right to a gun doesn’t mean the government buys a gun for me, when the constitutional ‘right’ to an abortion does.) I’ve spent the last three years unable to leave my house without someone asking me for money. That’s not an exaggeration. You can’t get on or off the freeway without someone asking you for money.  There are even a few groceries stores I can’t go to without being asked for money. That never happened in Utah or Indiana, both fairly conservative states. It’s weird, right? Liberals take care of the poor, while conservatives hate the poor. Yet, the ‘poor’ in Chicago don’t look like they are better off than the ‘poor’ in Utah and Indiana. Or, maybe programs that say, “We will give you food, housing, cell phones, health care and transportation as long as you don’t get a job” attract people who don’t want to get jobs. I don’t know.

The point is, I’m leaving. My new home has no state income tax, sales tax that is 4% lower than Illinois and $0.40 lower per gallon gas tax. That seems like reason enough to love it. I just don’t understand how liberals can think their programs are so great, when living in their utopia just isn’t.

I also wanted to brag about getting to move to Texas. This is my blog, so I can occasionally mention what is going on in my life. I am thrilled! I won’t have as many real life examples of why liberal policies don’t work. Probably no more pictures of carts full of soda paid for with tax dollars. I imagine my life will be pretty good, with not a whole lot of complaints about the government. Lower crime (I’m not living near the border, where the federal government has refused to fulfill its constitutional mandates and forbid the states to protect its citizens as well), lower taxes, better schools. That’s just the price I’ll have to pay for living in the conservative utopia.