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Science, research, and a touch of global warming

This chapter exists mostly as a disclaimer. I have a four year degree in a scientific field, so I have more experience with science than the majority of Americans. I have done research, collected and analyzed data, studied statistics, and read scientific journals. Having this background, I want to make a few points concerning science, research and statistics. I would like to begin by commenting on the ’natural’ fad that has gripped the country. I laughed really hard the first time I saw ’organic’ foods for sale. Organic means living (or carbon based), so I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to pay twice as much for a banana that isn’t any more alive than the banana they bought last week. Commercially, ’organic’ mean that no synthesized chemicals are used in to grow the products, harsh pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Do people think natural fertilizers are better? I would rather have a fertilizer with purified chemicals on my food, than a natural fertilizer (which is going to be closer to feces). The purified nitrates and phosphates are the same chemicals you will find in natural fertilizers, without any undesirable ingredients. People have very little understanding of what that means. It is just assumed that ’natural’ and ’organic’ are better and ’chemicals’ or ’synthesized’ are bad. (Unless ’synthesized’ is being used to describe a computer model that predicts catastrophe, then ’synthesized’ is good.) Read the rest of this entry