The shoe on the other foot

I recently had an experience with discrimination.  I wanted to share it to demonstrate how descrimination should be handled.  To show that conservatives are consistent in our beliefs in freedom.  To give an example where the shoe is on the other foot, and I acted exactly as I think ‘victimized’ homosexuals should act when someone declines to offer them service,

In some ways it seems a fairly silly thing to even write about.  But that’s how I felt about a lot of topics ten years ago, before the world turned upside down and the only value left in America was ‘tolerance’.  I went to a business, requested their services, and they turned me away because of my religious beliefs.  My feelings were hurt.  The end.

Wait a minute!  They descriminated against you and you didn’t sue them?  Your feelings were hurt!  Don’t you know that means you’re entitled to put them out of business and collect a huge payday?

Yes, I know that’s what liberals believe, but as a conservative, I think that businesses have the right to choose who they do or don’t serve.  That’s what freedom means.  Even if I disagree with their reasoning.  Even if I was very hurt by the way they attacked the choices I make and the way I live my life.  Even though I think they’re being intolerant.  Even though I think they’ve made a poor choice, I respect their freedom to make that choice.

Why can’t we all live this way? We’re constantly being told to be respectful and tolerant of others beliefs, and that’s what I’m actually doing.  Why can’t the homosexual lobby?

My story won’t be national news.  I’m sure my feelings were just as hurt as the couple that was asked to find another photographer, or the couple that was asked to find another bakery, or the couple that was asked to find another wedding venue.  And unlike them, I can’t just walk down the street and find another business that would love to take my money.  I’m trying to find a classical homeschooling coop for my children; most classical homeschooling coops are run by evangelical Christians, and most evangelical Christians don’t like Mormons.  They’re few and far between, and after being turned away from three different campuses it looks like I may just have to forgo joining a classical coop at all.  That will mean big changes for my schooling plans for my children.  It will make the next 18 years of my life more difficult.  The couple who had to (horror of horrors) find another wedding cake got a $150,000 payday, got to put the people who hurt their feelings out of business, and they still had a cake at their wedding!

So there it is, the solution to having hurt feelings along with a real life example.  If someone doesn’t want to serve you; get over it.  That’s what I’m doing.  Things didn’t go the way I wanted, and I’m acting like an adult and moving on.

Don’t tell me it’s different.  My lifestyle was attacked.  A trait I was born with and value highly as an intrinsic part of myself (and explicitly protected by the constitution) was described as wrong.  They told me that if I was accepted I would have to change my behavior.  They said I would have to hide the knowledge of our family’s beliefs from the other students on campus to protect them from getting confused.  Then they rejected me anyway.  Christians think active homosexuals are sinning; evangelical Christians think that Mormons are sinning.  Instead of jumping on the victimization bandwagon and crying ‘hate!’ I’m moving on with the assurance that I think they’re wrong and that they’re simply lacking understanding.  Try it sometime.

I know it doesn’t pay as well as a lawsuit, but it’s the right thing to do.


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I'm a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom with a Biochemistry degree living in Austin. I love my kids, my husband and my country. I want to explain why I'm conservative.

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