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Money – Freedom (Part 3)

These freedom posts are pretty much the crux of why I am so adamant about conservative principles.  Today’s post is on one of our most valuable, limited resources; time.  Time is limited, you can’t get more or stretch it.  All you can do is decide what you want to do with your time, how you want to use it.  A lot of people trade their time for something they value; money.  We spend the first two or three decades preparing, studying, learning, developing.  Then we trade at least forty hours a week for the next several decades working for money.  This money enhances the rest of our time.  How much we have determines how we are able to spend time with our families, what we are able to purchase to make our lives away from work more comfortable and enjoyable.  Money we obtain is essentially time from our lives, time we have chosen to spend working in order to improve our own and our families lives.  Read the rest of this entry