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The Solution – Socialization (Part 3)

One of the common assumptions about those opposing universal health care is that they just don’t care about others.  I have read stories about people, real people with families and lives, who have lost everything because of absurd health care costs. Some of them even had insurance, they were just unlucky enough to get a certain kind of cancer or disease that wasn’t covered. It is horrible and sad.  Of course I care!  I just do not believe that giving the government control will do anything but make the situation worse. Read the rest of this entry


But health care is expensive! – Socialization (Part 2)

If you support a universal health care system, can you think of a reason why it would be different from other government run programs? The Post Office takes no responsibility for its mistakes. Why would health care be any different?

Imagine that your spouse got sick and had to go to the hospital. You went to visit after work, and your spouse said the nurse never brought by any medication, and as a result is feeling much sicker. You go out to the nurses station and say, ”My spouse didn’t get any medicine today.” Under our current system the nurse would apologize profusely and quickly get the medication. She may offer to give you a discount on your bill. You could choose to never use that hospital again. You could choose to sue the hospital for negligence. You could choose to be understanding and forgive the nurse for making a mistake.

Or, we can have the same situation under a universal system. You complain to the nurse, and the nurse rolls her eyes and tells you she has a lot of patients, sometimes she misses one or two. You say you want the medicine now, and she says she’s really busy, she’ll get it when she has the time. You would like to go to a different hospital, but this is the hospital district you live in, so you don’t have a choice. You would like to sue for negligence, but no one has much success when trying to sue the government. Do you think this is an unreasonable situation? Why? These are exactly the differences between the post office and UPS, exactly the differences between public schools and private schools. Why would health care be any different? Read the rest of this entry

Universal Health Care in Practice – Socialization (Part 1)

Imagine that you are at a restaurant. You sit down with your family, get your drinks, and wait for your waitress to come back so you can order dinner. Eventually she comes back and you tell her the entree you want. She writes it all down, then takes your credit card so she can charge you for your meal. (It’s a fast food restaurant where you pay before your meal, and then they deliver it to you, like Carl’s Jr.) So, you’re talking and drinking, and about ten minutes later your server comes back with all the food, except for yours. This doesn’t immediately bother you, but she leaves without saying anything and a few minutes pass without any indication of what happened to your food. Your family starts eating and you wave down your server to ask where you food is. Read the rest of this entry