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Safety – Freedom (Part 2)

My second freedom post deals with how the government keeps us safe.  By infringing on our freedoms, of course.  Because government officials feel they are more intelligent than the general population, and therefore better able to choose for us what will make us safe.  There are millions of little ones, like making it illegal to put gasoline in certain colored containers.  But I’ll focus on the ones that have affected me personally.


Now, Liberals just love the environment, right?  Not to generalize or anything, but aren’t conservatives usually considered the ones who don’t care about the environment, while liberals are trying to save this world from human destruction?  It’s not really relevant.  Once, I had a car.  A lovely, little 1996 Honda Civic.  I loved it!  Not just because it was a Honda, and despite being 13 years old gave us almost no trouble.  I loved it because it got 40 mpg, or more, regularly.  Can you imagine?  We paid about $3,000 for it, and it never once got below 35 mpg.  Part of the reason, I imagine, was because it was tiny; a nice, light hatchback.  It had three seat-belts in the back-seat, but couldn’t fit three adults.  Or three car seats.

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Why Guns are Good – Gun Control (Part 2)

The Second Amendment of the Constitution, proposed to Congress on June 8, 1789 and ratified over two years later on December 15, 1791, says, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”


I think history is an important thing to keep in mind when discussing gun control.  Where did our country come from, and why did the founders think it was important to give the people a right to own guns?  You may have gathered by now that my background is in science, not history.  So I can’t give you a lot of details, but I’ll tell you what I know.  Read the rest of this entry

Logic and Emotions – Gun Control (Part 1)

I’ve tried to find good reasons for people supporting all the gun control laws we have and wanting stricter rules.  Really, all I can find are statistics listing how many children are killed by guns, how dangerous they are, how children as young as 3-4 can pull the trigger on ‘most’ handguns (I hate words like ‘most’ in statistics, if you’re trying to prove something, us a number), what percentage of the population is touched by gun violence, how much access children have to guns, etc.  I’m hesitant to put any of the statistics in here, because most of them are meaningless.  Like, measures of how gun homicides decrease when there are less guns.  I believe that wholeheartedly; less guns means less gun deaths.  But those websites never touch on the actual number of deaths; were there just as many murders, only using other means?  Were there more murders, because potential victims weren’t able to defend themselves?  Were there more rapes, robberies, hold-ups, etc.?  The strongest gun-control activists are driven by emotion.  They hear the sob stories from parents whose four year old son shot their infant daughter, and their immediate reaction is to lobby for no one to own any guns.  They see the statistics on how many children have died in school shootings, and they call for a ban on all guns, everywhere.  The politicians know they can’t just outlaw all guns everywhere, so they start with little restrictions.  They make it harder to buy a gun.  They pass legislation increasing taxes on guns.  They make it legal to own a gun, but not to carry it.  They require you to buy a license and a permit.  They make some kinds of guns illegal.  They make some kinds of ammunition illegal.  They make it legal to own a gun, but illegal to have a magazine that can hold more than 10 bullets.  Slowly, slowly, they make it harder and harder to own a gun.  The crying mothers of the shot children keep calling for more and more restrictions, never realizing that the more restrictions there are, the less safe everyone is.

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