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Regulations – Freedom (Part 4)

How about all the regulations.

If I were intelligent enough to choose for myself where to eat or shop, or where to obtain services, well, we wouldn’t need thousands of licensing agents and hundreds of bureaus giving out business licenses and health inspections and safety inspections and housing inspections.  I could decide for myself if I wanted to buy lemonade from a four year old, or I could decide the health risks were too great and opt for a lemonade from home.  Instead the government says that a 4-year-old-girl needs a $400 license and a health inspection to sell lemonade in her front yard.  Why?  Because you are too stupid to choose for yourself who to do business with and under what circumstances.

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The Free Market – Freedom (Part 1)

A friend of mine once brought up an interesting question concerning the government.  He said it seems like a lot of people spend a lot of time complaining about the government, but he wanted to know how we are actually affected.  Don’t most of us just go about our daily lives without a whole lot of interference?  How do government policies actually affect us?

This was on Facebook, and he got quite a few comments.  What I found so interesting was that Conservatives did list quite a few laws that directly impact us.  The Liberals responded with, “Yeah, but…”  They all thought those intrusive, limiting laws were good because in some instances they protect people from making bad choices.  It illustrates a pretty fundamental difference.  Conservatives, such as myself, put a lot of stock in individual freedom.  I think I should be free to make my own choices.  If I make a dumb choice, I think I should live with the consequences and not force others to pay for my mistakes.  I think I am smart enough to make better choices for myself in my situation than bureaucrats and elected officials who know nothing of my choices and circumstances.

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