Conservatism seems to be misunderstood.  I wanted to write articles that positively enforced my position.  To explain that there are good reasons why Conservatives believe the things they do.  And to dispel common assumptions, like; conservatives are rich, and are simply conservative because they want to keep their money and keep the poor people poor, conservatives are racists, bigots, hate the working class, love war, hate the Earth, gay people and animals, cling to their Bibles, are Nazis wanting to force their morals on everyone else and are conspiracy theorists.  I wanted to write articles that looked at the actual policies.  I wanted to dispel myths that republicans just believe what they are brainwashed to believe, with no basis for it.  I wanted to go through and use life experiences to show why I think liberal policies don’t work.  I want to show why I think conservatives hold the more compassionate view, with the policies that will actually do the most to help the most people.


Also, a disclaimer/explanation:  I wrote this as a book, so I’m copying it over in book form.  Some of the formatting doesn’t copy well.  Occasionally I reference my book, even though now it’s a blog.  Some charts do not copy over well into blog form; I apologize.  I also had footnotes, which don’t appear here.  If you see a random number at the end of a statement, and would like to know the source, simply e-mail or comment and I will provide the reference.


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