Another black hole – Illegal Immigration (Part 2)

I am against illegal immigration because it drains America of needed resources. America has some socialist programs in place; mostly welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, social security and public education. The idea behind these programs is to help people who need it. They are, unfortunately, abused. I do not like the idea of being taxed so that a Mexican family getting paid cash working a minimum wage job can send their children to a free public school, collect welfare, get free health care and send all their spare money out of our economy and back to Mexico. I suppose that sounds callous, which is probably where people get the idea that conservatives are selfish and heartless. It is more than that, though. It isn’t my desire to force a family to live in poverty so I can go out to eat once a month or own a bigger home. It is the principle of the program. A system like that cannot support itself, which is self-evident in the fact that the government is trillions of dollars in debt. A government cannot endlessly tax to provide for a class that does nothing but consume. It will eventually implode on itself, and no one will have enough to support themselves.

Maybe you think I’m being melodramatic. We can quickly look at some of the ways they consume American tax dollars. Now, being illegal immigrants they are hard to track and so there are not many reliable numbers concerning how many there are, how many are in the schools, how many rent compared to buying housing, how many have jobs, etc. So, I will just assume it is a lot. I have lived in Northern Indiana, my hometown was almost 20% hispanic. Now I live in Provo, Utah. I’ve never lived in Arizona, New Mexico or Southern California, but I have still seen many Hispanics in places I wouldn’t have expected to have a high Hispanic population. What does this cost America?


In the last decade schools have exploded with Spanish speaking students. These schools need to hire additional teachers to hold English as a Second Language classes. I have taught at schools where some students spend half the school day away from their normal classroom to spend time with specialized teachers they can communicate with. Some schools have had to hire several additional teachers, some only need one or less if they don’t have Spanish speakers in the school system. But, if it is an average of one additional teacher at every school in America that is hundreds of thousands of jobs supported by tax payers. Each teacher is paid an average of $35,000 a year, possibly more because being bilingual is a special skill. That is all tax dollars. I had a substitute job for a few days as a replacement ’special’ teacher. I don’t know exactly what the job title was, but there was a classroom with about twelve teachers who spent the whole day working individually with students who needed additional help. These teachers would have 45 minute sessions with students, so they each helped about six students a day. In the days I worked there at least five of the six students I worked with were Hispanic. These ’specialized’ teachers were paid a higher salary and taught less students, most of whom were not American. Schools with programs like these are expending vast time and resources on students whose families are not contributing to educational costs. I don’t know how many Hispanic students there are in America. I substitute taught for about a year and a half; in that time I came into contact with at least a couple of hundred. In a few schools in Provo, Utah, there are hundreds of Hispanic students. If you’re reading this blog in order, you know that the government spends an average of $9,000 per student, per year. If there are hundreds of Hispanics in this one small city, imagine how many there are across the nation. Imagine how many billions of your tax dollars are being spent to educate all these students. The estimate in California alone is $7.7 Billion just in educational costs for illegal immigrants and illegal immigrant children.


Educational costs are severe, and to me they seem to be largely wasted. I have taught hundreds of students, and I have observed several kinds of attitudes. There is a pretty clear line for dividing students into two groups. When I announced an assignment, when I gave directions to get out paper or begin reading, when I would tell students to take notes or work on a problem, some of the students would follow my instructions and some of the students would ignore me. In an average classroom of 30 students, about five to six students would simply disregard my instructions. If there were five Hispanic students in the classroom, four of the five would be in the group that ignored me. If there were ten hispanics in the room, eight of them would ignore me. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to convince Hispanic students to pay attention and complete their work. Most of them seemed determined to learn as little as possible. This is not to say that no Hispanic students worked, some of them listened attentively and finished their assignments. They were the minority. There were also Caucasian students who fell into the group of students who refused to work; they were also the minority.


I sincerely don’t understand this. As far as I can tell, Liberals believe that Hispanics are much harder working than Americans, as they repeat over and over that Hispanics are willing to do jobs Americans wont. I don’t know why, then, their children seem as a group to be much less determined. I have a theory, but it is nothing more than a theory (like the theory of Evolution) and may be completely wrong. I think that many Hispanic families come here at great personal sacrifice to give their children a better life. They grew up working hard to get by in Mexico, they traveled here illegally bringing their children or having children once they crossed the border. They do work hard, long hours at low paying jobs while living in relatively bad conditions in order to give their children a better life. I think that they are too busy working to teach their children how to work. They came here so their children wouldn’t have to work as hard as they do, so they don’t mind letting their children grow up without a sense of work ethic. Their children grow up with the mentality that they are in America so America can provide a better life for them, but never learn to work for themselves. Their parents may tell them that it is important to work hard, but what they see is their parents going to jobs they hate while collecting benefits the government is all to happy to hand out, while being indoctrinated by the American mentality of entitlement and self-indulgence. Which means that the next generation will be worse.


Like I said, I don’t know if this is right. I don’t like assuming that a group of people is lazy (like liberals assuming that Americans are too lazy to take hard jobs). I just can not think of another explanation for what I have seen in the schools I have taught at.


I am also going to reference another story I read in Larry Elder’s book “The Ten Things you Can’t Say in America.” He met a friend on a street corner once by a skating park. They watched the skaters for a few minutes, who were doing impressive tricks on their boards. The group was almost entirely Hispanic. They were standing in front of a library, which they went into. The library was completely packed with Asian students, who were sitting and standing, reading and studying.


That example very clearly epitomizes the different mentalities these groups hold. There is no reason why the Hispanic students couldn’t be in the library as well, spending their afternoons studying and preparing so they could ex- cel in high school, taking the fullest advantage of the free education America is just giving them. They could easily go on to be college graduates, they could go on to do anything. Instead they resist their education, and spend their afternoons and evenings playing. They spend their lives consuming government resources, without ever giving back.


Education is just one drain. American hospitals can not turn away patients, even if they are unable to pay, or happen to be in our country illegally. This is, once again, the compassionate liberal rule. How could anyone con- sider withholding medical treatment from someone who needs it? Once again, I don’t believe these things because I support letting people die so I can get a tax cut. I believe that providing health care to illegal immigrants hurts others. Over 100 hospitals in California have closed because they have gone bankrupt from giving so many treatments they were never paid for. There are over 50 hospitals in Florida facing similar problems. Hospitals all along the Mexican border are shutting down because they can not afford to give free treatments. Does that help the people living in the area that need access to a hospital? Does that help all the nurses, doctors, technicians, receptionists and other staff who lose their jobs when their hospital goes bankrupt? Does it help the local economy? Does it help the people who pay for their treatments when prices double and quadruple to cover the free treatments the hospitals have to give? Does it help the employees who can’t get pay raises that match inflation because the hospital is struggling to not go out of business?


It is sad when people needing medical treatment can’t get it. But forcing hospitals to treat people who have no way of paying a cent for it is forcing hospitals out of business, causing people to lose their jobs and negatively affecting the economy. The number of hospitals along the border going out of business shows that illegal immigration is having a huge effect. It is ’compassionate’ to want to provide free treatment to sick or dying people. But it has consequences; there is no such thing as ’free’. Liberals don’t think ahead to the consequences of mandating free care to every illegal alien who sneaks across the border. Conservatives do consider the costs, and don’t think it is worth it.


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I'm a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom with a Biochemistry degree living in Austin. I love my kids, my husband and my country. I want to explain why I'm conservative.

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  1. I read your blog quite regularly. I totally agree with everything you just said. My neighbor is something like 32 percent mexican, 33 percent black, and 35 percent white. 97 percent of the children in our local elementary school are on free lunch. Most of the parents work. Most of these same working parents have several children and using childcare vouchers. These were created to “help” make people recieving welfare benefits to go to work and stop being lazy. I would love to see you blog about this problem. You see the government thinks that paying $400 a week in childcare so a single mom can make $280 a week will keep people from complaining about those that use foodstamps and medicaid. In reality, by just giving that same mom her $280 they would save $120 a week. I would rather be at work because it’s far easier, and I do work part-time and do what I have to do to pay rent, mostly finding things to refurbish and sell on craigslist. However I refuse to work full-time and allow the government to pay my childcare bill that exceeds what I can make earning $11.00 an hour. I don’t think that everyone is lazy. It’s not about being lazy, it’s about being easy. I think that people come here because they can and it’s easy to work when someone else is raising your kids and being paid to do so. I also know for a fact the mom across the hall has 2 foster kids and the government pays for a maid to come in. All but one of her children are older than mine. My house is lived in, but it is sanitary and I am on my 5th load of laundry which I made the detergent for yesterday. The biggest problem is they are not being required to learn to budget. Dad’s aren’t required to pay child support, or enough of it, and we’ve become a 2 income society. If my baby daddy would have kept his promise and actually married me after planning our son, money would have been tight, but the only governement help we would have gotten would have been health insurance for my oldest 4 since their dad has a court order to provide it, but never has and step-children are not covered under a lot of insurance plans. Yes, illegal immigration is costing us a ton of money, but once we kick them out, look at all the problems that are still left. Also, they may be lazy, but I have sat outside the elementary school waiting for my kids to bus back from the better elementary every day. The mexican kids are never left waiting on their parents. Yet, everyday the black and white children are often forgotten about for as much as an hour. Just an observation.

  2. Thank you! I talk more about some of the scenarios you describe in my Taxes and Welfare section. It is a tough situation. There are plenty of people who really need help, and will use it carefully, as well as plenty of people who just work the system and abuse it to do a little as possible. And the government does their best to use the money as inefficiently as possible. I have a friend who keeps saying we could fix all the welfare and health care problems for a fraction of the cost, if they would just do it right. The best solution I can come up with, is that it’s simply not the government’s job. Private charities exist, and have always done a better job at helping individuals in need. If all the money thrown away on welfare type programs were put into private charities instead, the results would be monumental. The government does not exist to ensure everyone has everything they need to be comfortable. It exists to create an environment where people can make their lives comfortable for themselves without interference. Most people will have to work really hard to be self-sufficient, but it’s worth it to have the freedom and security that once you’ve become successful the government will protect you from losing your property to others unwilling to work. In my opinion 🙂

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