More reasons why evolution is impossible

I asked for feedback on my conclusions on Evolution from some of my chemistry friends, and received this from someone with a PhD in Physical Chemistry:

“You could strenghten your argument by mentioning that not only do you have to get the right AA sequence but also the right DNA sequence to code for the AA first which then gets translated and post modified which would take much longer than 1 nanosecond as Levinthal suggested. On top of that you have not just one but hundreds of proteins in a single organism. Point: your estimate is quite generous to the evolutionists since in reality it would take much longer.
Another weakness is that your calculations assume that we are only trying to make one protein at a time instead of billions or trillions simultaneously and then selecting the one that works. This is how I would envision it happening from the Darwinian point of view. This is how we do techniques like phage display in the laboratory. Right now I work with a peptide that was one of 24 that were found to bind to the surface of silver out of a library of 10^11 – 10^14 peptides. They were all tried simultaneously and then selected. Of course an individual microorganism is not capable of simultaneously producing so many peptides, but a several microorganism could. Question is how did the first microorganism develop the right machinery so randomly to begin with? Are all these proteins just floating around somewhere? I don’t observe that anywhere now, why would we assume so in the primordial soup? Miller-Urey is a nice thought but we know there was no H2 in the atmosphere.”

The conclusion; my arguments could have been much stronger.  I decided not to get into some of these topics, because I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone with how insane the process is.  But, it is much, much more complicated than I described.


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  1. The idea of irreducible complexity is cute because if you don’t think about it then it makes sense. But if you do stop to think about it then its not so great.

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