I have been a conservative for as long as I can remember.  It makes sense to me, all the experiences I have had in life confirm that conservative policies are the best for society.  I know that I was raised conservative, though, and so I have tried to be fair in deciding that it really is best.  I’ve tried doing research by reading books on various political topics by authors with different perspectives.  Basically, I don’t think it is fair to say, “I disagree with the liberal perspective” or “My perspective is better” without really knowing and understanding what the liberal perspective is.  It seems to me like someone who has never been to Chicago declaring that it’s a horrible city because everything they have ever read about it has been bad.  As a conservative I have naturally gravitated toward conservative literature, because it is easy to read things you agree with.  I decided to read some more liberal literature so I could know that I really agreed with the policies I believed in, not that it was something I had been ‘brainwashed’ into agreeing with.  I wanted to understand why liberals believe what they do; even if I still didn’t agree, I wanted to be able to say, “I can see why they believe that.”

Unfortunately, I have had trouble finding good liberal literature.  The main problem has been that  the few books I have read focus on bashing the other side.  Which is like proving Chicago is better than New York by telling everyone how terrible New York is.  Maybe that would be sufficient to persuade you, but I would rather hear what is good about Chicago.  Two of the books I read simply listed all the lies and hypocrisies of Republican politicians.  It is an interesting tactic, but I believe you know as well as I do that there are politicians in both parties who lie and steal, pander to their special interest groups and make decisions based on furthering their own career and power rather than making decisions based on what is best for this country.  I just don’t think that is an effective way to choose your political affiliation; I’m sure we could spend our entire lives listing all the lies Republican politicians have told and all the lies the Democratic politicians have told, and we would still know nothing about which party has better policies for the country.  There are also many pro-liberal policy groups that just assume the position is correct, so they don’t make any attempt to explain why or back it up.  I keep looking for someone to explain why liberal policies are better for the country, but I have had trouble finding it.

I’m not just blaming the liberals.  I know that many conservative authors do the same thing.  Ann Coulter makes a living making fun of liberals and liberal policies.  Even as one of the leading Conservative authors, she doesn’t do much in her books to explain conservative principles and why she supports them.  Unfortunately, it is hard to find books that go through the various topics Conservatives and Liberals disagree on, with examples and detailed explanations as to why one perspective is better than another.  I have asked Liberals I know why they believe the things they do, and received vague or no responses.

So, I wanted to write a book that positively enforced my position.  To explain that there are good reasons why Conservatives believe the things they do.  And to dispel common assumptions, like; conservatives are rich, and are simply conservative because they want to keep their money and keep the poor people poor, conservatives are racists, bigots, hate the working class, love war, hate the Earth, gay people and animals, cling to their Bibles, are Nazis wanting to force their morals on everyone else and are conspiracy theorists.  I wanted to write a book that looked at the actual policies.  I wanted to dispel myths that republicans just believe what they are brainwashed to believe, with no basis for it.  I wanted to go through and use life experiences to show why I think liberal policies don’t work.  I want to show why I think conservatives hold the more compassionate view, with the policies that will actually do the most to help the most people.


About whyimconservative

I'm a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom with a Biochemistry degree living in Austin. I love my kids, my husband and my country. I want to explain why I'm conservative.

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  1. Exceptionally well reasoned. Exceptionally well written.

    One of the things that irks me most about commenters on The Hill is that their views on liberals are based absolutely solely on “Progressivism as Dictated By Fox News Pundits”. It’s like going to your friendly neighborhood Ford dealer to ask why Toyotas suck.

    When I want to know about Conservativism, I go to NRO (and actually had some great exchanges with their Editor In Chief); I go to the Heritage Foundation. I don’t go to the DNC to learn about Conservatives. I’ve found that Conservatives in general aren’t as generous as you’ve chosen to be, as written in your text.

    So I applaud your open-mindedness.

    Here. You can start here.

    And perhaps—- to offer a topic for you to speak on— because no one on The Hill has bothered to help me investigate it: Conservative policy wonks at the Heritage Foundation dreamt up the Individual Mandate in 1989. Republicans advocated it ferociously for 20+ years. In 1993, when Clinton’s health care commission, headed by Hillary, advocated an “employer mandate”, Republicans shot back 2 bills, both advocating the exact same Individual Mandate as passed in HR3590, the Affordable Care Act (which, for reasons unbenownst, got idiotically slandered as “Obamacare” by the Right (and I’d invite an etyomolgy-expose on that, as well))—- The Heritage Foundation and the libertarians at the Cato Institute had some foundational disparity over the Mandate (primarily the same fight that Progressives had with Republicans and Conserva-Dems about it)—- but Republicans stalwartly advocated the mandate— the “personal responsibility” mandate— for 20+ years. Straight up and in through the 2008 elections, when even some among the Republican Presidential candidates supported it.

    An article on The Heritage Foundation touches on that origin, remarking decisively however that “it’s a 20-year old policy….”, and several commenters on The Hill puppeted that response— failing, as that author did, to recognize that THF continued advocating that policy after its inception in 1989. They advocated it straight through the late 2000s only to mysteriously abandon it— if they even did at any point, (as might be evidenced by a policy paper in ’07).

    I’m not solely talking about Romney. I’m not solely talking about Coburn, whose name is on their 1993 bill as its formal sponsor. I’m talking about the Individual Mandate as a stalwart Conservative policy platform that they abandoned whole-sale perhaps as late as 2008/9—- in the long contentious debate (2nd longest in Congressional history) over health reform.

    The question that I pose for you to speak on is simply this: when and why did Republicans abandon their love-affair with the Individual Mandate if not solely to deny this President a legislative victory? If not solely as a gambit to forcibly thrust concessions on the health care bill to be ever more Conservative— when Conservatives’ OWN policy was yielded as “Socialism”?

    I’m sincere and genuine in my posting of the question, and would eagerly research alongside you to populate the empty data— because from where I’m coming from? The sturm & draang hypocrisy of the Right, aided and abetted by Fox News, by which they erected a white-washed wall of obfuscation over the Conservative origins of the Individual Mandate is the Fraud of the Century—- an egregious affront to the dignity of the American people. It is no less than degrading to the state of civil debate— and the degrading manner by which the pundits and politicians on the Right treated the American people as pathetically-stupid ignorant pawns— than that.

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